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Creating a Scheduled Task for Backup of the recovery catalog - Oracle 11g

Jessica_needs_helpFeb 24 2014 — edited Feb 24 2014

For Automating the Backup of the production database I have used batch files to achieve the task as given below

As an example I created a batch file; which is then scheduled using a normal Windows Task Scheduler as illustarted below

set ORACLE_SID=orcl

rman target / catalog rman/manager@catdb log C:\Orionbackup\Level0.log APPEND script=LEVEL0_BACKUP

My backup strategy is only half done, since I still need to take a backup of the Recovery Catalog; but I am unable to find a way to automate it. Since I have to login to RMAN with the NOCATALOG and use the Controlfile for the backup metadata; I obviously cannot use a RMAN Script. Has anyone found a way to automate the backup of the recovery catalog?

This post has been answered by JohnWatson on Feb 24 2014
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