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Created vm has no vif interface

JosephNov 8 2021 — edited Nov 8 2021

Oracle OVS version : 2
When i create the vm, it has no vif interface, i have to manually attach one to it. And when i restart the vm no more interface again. I have to re-attach a new interface again.
How can i set it definitely ?
I have already set the parameter inside the vm.cfg file :
vm.txt (607 Bytes)vif = ['bridge=xenbr0,mac=00:16:3e:43:4e:e0,type=ioemu']
the mac address is something i have put myself.
But still the vif is not recognized and created automatically. I have to attach a new nic with command xm attach network-attach, and when it is done it is on bridge xenbr1.

How can i set it definitely ?
Help please ?

I have attached the configuration file.

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Added on Nov 8 2021