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Create WebLogic AdminServer Container fails

User13335413-OracleApr 25 2021 — edited Apr 25 2021

cfgfwk_20210424143910.log (176.57 KB)Hi experts,
within a docker container trying to create a domain via Python / WLST fails with exception as follows (excerpt from attached log)
SEVERE [19] - Error during configureOpssInDomain. Exception JPS-06501: Keystore demoidentity in stripe system already exists
SEVERE [19] - Error while processing initializeSubsystem. Exception JPS-06501: Keystore demoidentity in stripe system already exists
SEVERE [19] - Error occurred in phase {OPSS Processing} execution.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: SecurityContext:
Domain Name: base_domain
JDBC URL: opss-audit-DBDS:jdbc:oracle:thin:@//oimdb:1521/orclpdb1.localdomain
JDBC URL: opss-data-source:jdbc:oracle:thin:@//oimdb:1521/orclpdb1.localdomain
JNDI Name: opss-audit-DBDS:jdbc/AuditAppendDataSource
JNDI Name: opss-data-source:jdbc/OpssDataSource
Driver Name: opss-audit-DBDS:oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
Driver Name: opss-data-source:oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
Persistence Type: DATABASE
Platform: WLS
Scratch Dir: scratch
Reconfig Domain: false
Shared Secret Store: null
Extension: true
DisableManagementOperations: falseJDBC Properties:
username:DEV_IAU_APPENDJDBC Properties:

RCU ran successfully and created schemas under prefix DEV mentioned above, e.g. DEV_IAU_APPEND and DEV_OPSS, in a separate container running Oracle Database Enterprise.
Any helpful input is appreciated...

This post has been answered by User13335413-Oracle on Apr 25 2021
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Added on Apr 25 2021
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