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"Create" on Form link to "Edit" on Form

Alter BoyJun 22 2018 — edited Jun 25 2018


So right now I have a form on an interactive report. Well I have two forms. One specifically for creating and one specifically for editing. To get to the Edit form I click the pencil icon on the interactive report next to the entry I would wish to edit. The pencil icon brings me to the Edit form and populates the fields based on the primary key of the row I picked.

Right now, when I click Create on the Create form, it creates the new entry and brings me back to the interactive report. What I wish for is to have my Create form go straight to my Edit form. So as soon as I click Create, it should take that new entry's primary key and send it to the Edit page and the fields should be populated with that information. I have tried sending the primary key through the Create link already but everything is just blank on the Edit page and I think it's because in that moment, the Primary Key for the new entry has not been made yet (the Primary Key is on auto-increment). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

(I know it seems redundant to go and edit a newly created entry right away but there's a bigger picture behind it, I'm only stating what needs to be stated and nothing more)


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