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Create Debit Memo API For Correct Matched Invoices

user-yigruJul 6 2023 — edited Jul 6 2023

Problem Summary
Create Debit Memo API For Correct Matched Invoices

Problem Description
As part of AP Invoice Creation via REST API call,We have created a Standard Invoice by passing PO and Receipt details at line level to match Invoice Lines.In next Step, we need to Create a Debit Memo Invoice and pass standard Invoiced created above at Line Level to make it as 'Correct MatchedInvoices'.So here the challenge is we don't have Invoice Number or Id related column to pass at Line level in API.However the same is achieved from front end by selecting 'Correct Matched Invoice' option.I am attaching front end creation screen shot for reference.

Here request you to confirm if there is any feasibility to achieve Debit memo creation along with Invoice number at line level.Right now we are using Create AP Invoice REST API(/fscmRestApi/resources/ POST Method for creation.

The SR has been raised for the Same:3-33590578441

Post Details
Added on Jul 6 2023