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Create APEX User for not ADMIN-Users

S-MaxDec 18 2017 — edited Dec 18 2017

APEX 5.1.2

Oracle 11g XE

Hi all,

I have an apex application. In this application I am using default authentication scheme (APEX).

In the database I have a table "USERGROUPS" and there I have 3 groups:

  • GlobalAdmin
  • DeptAdmin
  • User

The "GlobalAdmins" are the members of APEX Administrators group ("User is a workspace administrator" Option is Yes).

The "DeptAdmins" and "Users" are "normally" APEX users without Administrator and Developers rights in APEX.

The "DeptAdmins" actually can't create users in APEX. But they should be able to create/edit users for their departments.

My question:

Is it possible to accomplish it without adding the members of my custom "DeptAdmin" Group to the APEX-Admin group?

The users will be created/edited on the custom APEX Page in the application using APEX_UTIL.CREATE_USER and APEX_UTIL.EDIT_USER.

Best regards

This post has been answered by fac586 on Dec 18 2017
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