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Couple of questions trying to port over from TOAD. Popup describe

oraLaroFeb 9 2024

SQL dev 23.1.1

Have used TOAD for 26 years, trying to move to sql dev. Some questions after a few days working with it

First question on pop up describe. Im logged in as a DBA : USER1. I have a package on the screen. call it pkg_test. Package Owner is USER2.

If the schema name owner is not before the objects name (USER2.pkg_test) then popup descibe (SHIFT+F4) doesnt work. I get error “No object found: pkg_test”. If that was in TOAD, it would offer me a choice to open every object it found (all synonyms/owners) and I could pick the one I want.

Am I doing something wrong/can that behaviour be amended so it will show me all objects in the DB?

Second question

If I try owner USER2.pkg_test then it opens a single extra tab with the Spec of the package. I know I can click on the “Open Body” icon on the toolbar but it would be useful to open the Spec and Body when I want the popup describe as I cant remember the last time I only wanted the spec. In TOAD the popup describe offers me a separate screen where I can toggle the spec or body

Third question

The DDL for the package in spec and body thats generated does not include the schema owner in the definition. TOAD does generate this by default. So as USER1 , hover over the pacakge name and type (SHIFT+F4) , I get the spec in a sheet

“create package PKG_TEST”

but not with the schema owner like…

“create package USER2.PKG_TEST”

If Im logged in as USER1 and try to recompile that it will do so as USER1 not the owner USER2

Is there a way to include the schema owner when the DDL pops up?

sure will have more questions…

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Added on Feb 9 2024
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