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Correct way to handle db PANIC errors

3289605Aug 12 2019


I am trying to handle the case where there is an issue with my db or log files. it would not be great but if there was an error I could delete them and accept the data loss.

for example errors like

BDB1513 Checkpoint LSN record [2][2040412] not found

BDB0061 PANIC: BDB0073 DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found

How can i catch these errors before they terminate the program.

whats the best way to open the db and check for errors.

verify did not work - it said all was ok!

Db db_verify(NULL, 0);

db_verify.verify(_db, "db/env/", "db", NULL,  DB_ORDERCHKONLY );

how can i properly test for correct db/logs without it PANICking and falling over?


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Added on Aug 12 2019
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