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Copying/Cloning Control Centers

609721Oct 2 2008 — edited Oct 15 2008

I currently have 20 development environments running off a single database instance - each environment is set up as a schema.

All of these dev envs have there own control center, so for instance the dev environment 'DEV_ENV1' has its own control center 'DEV_ENV1_CC' - these environments are always being trashed and rebuilt by overwriting all objects from a copy taken from production.

The problem I have, is that once we have rebuilt an environment, the 10gR2 generated mappings will not run unless I redeploy them - this is troublesome as we have thousands of mappings.

I've seen the note regarding cloning, and we have managed to use this successfully in our end-of-day environment which is a copy of the prod db instance.

However, I cannot get this method to work for our development environments - if I attempt to copy the control center from prod to dev, it invalidates most of the JAVA Classes. If I copy the data from the prod Control Center to the dev Control Center, I can no longer access the control center via the owb client and cannot acces the runtime browser or run the reset_repositories.sql script

Does anyone know of a simple way to overcome these issues???

I need to be able to copy across mappings and have the ability to run them without deploying them.

Any help with this is appreciated.

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Added on Oct 2 2008