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Convert RAC database to single instance database

Miguel PalaciosJul 15 2007 — edited Jul 25 2007
We just want a confirmation about a particular RAC installation

1) We are planning to install 10g R2 RAC with 2 nodes on HP-UX Itanium, they will be connected to a storage (HP EVA XP).
2) We need a standby site, but this site will no te be a RAC installation, we just need a single instance installation.

We are discussing the ways to replicate the RAC database:
First Choice: Use Data Guard with a primary RAC database and a standby No-RAC single instance database.

Second Choice: Use HP Continuos Access to replicate primary SAN box with standby SAN box.


1) Is there any certified procedure to convert from RAC database to single instance? I think we will need this if we decide to implement the second choice because we are replicating a RAC database and on the standby site there will not be RAC software.

2) How to mix Data Guard functionalities with SAN replication features (like HP continuos access?
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