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convert BLOB to base64 to display image in apex office print

chloe hongMay 20 2024

hello i am trying to convert my images from BLOB to base64 encoded data to try and display an image in my apex office print template.

i have a users table with one column ‘image’ with data type of BLOB. i tried different ways to display the image from my database into the aop template e.g. {#user_fields} {%image} {/user_fields} or {#user_fields} {image} {/user_fields} but have failed so i am now trying to change my data type. Another concern i have is that in my form the images are uploaded and not via a link.

alternatively, if anyone has any idea on another method to display the image, please let me know!

This post has been answered by TexasApexDeveloper on May 20 2024
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Added on May 20 2024
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