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Continuous Query Notification notifies an event with invalid ROWID

JungwonFeb 1 2024

I am using CQN features to replicate Oracle database.

Most of time it works perfectly.

I update one record using Update SQL.

CQN notified an event which says that an record has been updated.

I tried to query the information of the record using the ROWID.

I got an SQL error which said, “ROWID does not exist in the table”

Whenever I update the record, I get CQN notification which contains an invalid ROWID.

Actually the record has been updated correctly..

I do not see the problem from any other records.

Do you know what might cause the problem?

My test flow is very simple:

Host database side;

Inserts records.

Query records.

Update records.

Client Application side:

Retrieve record information using ROWIDs returned in CQN.

One ROWID is invalid. So I failed to retrieve the information of the record with the invalid ROWID.

I appreciate your help in advance.

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Added on Feb 1 2024