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Consume Https BSSV with J Developer

Sarah MQAug 10 2015 — edited Aug 17 2015

Dear All,

i need your help in my problem with a custom BSSV that i have created as the steps in the document

after the BSSV deployed by a package to the web logic 10.3.5.

the BSSV is secured by a self signed certificate created with keytool .

i have the WSDL HTTPS URL and its opened , then i test it using SOAPUI and its successfully consumed after i have add the credentials (My JDE username and Password) in the SOAP header,

then to test my BSSV i have trying to call it with JDeveloper 11g , as the steps in the document

when i reach to the step


and after i enter my Https Url

the Error: "No trusted Certificate found" as :

no trusted cert.png

please tell me what is my problem

Thanks a lot ,


This post has been answered by kdario on Aug 10 2015
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