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connection validation issues

user12024973May 9 2023 — edited May 12 2023

Hi all :)

as the web interface issues were solved in another thread, we proceeded to make a simple prototype with it
(until we read thoroughly the manual and feel confident to use the command line)

we created a new connection for source by checking that a validation will by run and the oggadmin user to be created later
so a new connection was indeed created, we got the results of a first validation, run the suggested actions and then proceeded to validate again the connection

we encountered two issues

a minor issue is that the first results have some errors, like
the instructions for “STREAMS_POOL_SIZE” setting are not practical as the command fails, it has to be set with scope=spfile, the database stopped and restarted again
the “CREATE TABLESPACE” command for the oggadmin user, specifies a directory and not a file (!), and it's an existing directory we have for a big set of related datafiles
the “CREATE USER” command for the oggadmin user, specifies a temporary tablespace TEMP which does not exist in our db as we have a very customized DB setup (though we know it exists in some sample DB(s) provided by Oracle)

so the algorithm producing the suggested script has some issues but we do not consider these blocking or big ones as a GG user can recognize and fix them easily

a big issue is after all is setup and we get at the last step, to select the created connection and run validation again
then we get the error in the following screen

furthermore we cannot work at all since even if we delete this connection and proceed to create a new connection (a new connection where all parameters/archivelog/oggadmin user etc. have been setup correctly) and we expect the validation to be ok from start, we still get the above error (!)
it's as if something has permanently gone wrong ..
please advise about this (of course we could start a fresh GG container and try again but we keep it alive and wait for your advice in case you need some troubleshooting info from inside the container)

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Added on May 9 2023