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Connection Pooling Questions

2845609Jan 27 2015 — edited Sep 3 2015

Hi there,

I was previously using the jferner/node-oracle module with the "generic-pool" ( module for connection pooling. 

I'm trying out a setup with connection pooling with node-oracledb and have a few questions:

* If an execute call fails with a connection i've retrieved from the pool, and I want to destroy that connection and remove it from the pool, how do I do that?  Is it done implicitly for me? 

* Is there any way to validate a connection before it's used?  Or again, is this done implicitly?  Is there a way to toggle it on and off for perf tuning?

* Is there any way to tune how frequently Oracle checks for idle connections?  (In generic-pool this was called reapIntervalMillis)

* Is there any way to turn on any logging of how the connection pool behaves for development debugging?  I just want to make sure my setup is behaving as I think it should be.

I'm making some good headway on getting the module working and it wasn't too difficult a conversion from node-oracle, either, that's good!


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Added on Jan 27 2015