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Connecting VS Code to OKE app for ODA Custom Code debugging

Alvaro CoutoSep 22 2023

Hi All,

Any documentation on how to connect VS Code to OKE application so that can debug and ODA custom code locally?

I know we can accomplish that via this documentation:

However, tunneling was not approved in our organization.

We were able to connect ODA to OKE. Everything is working like a charm. But now, I need to connect VS Code to OKE in order to

We found this one but it is using MiniCube - However this connect to local Cluster, instead of OKE.

I am trying to figure out which VS extensions I will need to install: OCI DevOPs tools or Kubernetes? OCI ToolKit for VS Code?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Alvaro Couto

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Added on Sep 22 2023