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Configuring Oracle Secure Backup Alerting Option

User_GWI16Jun 25 2019 — edited Sep 6 2019

Hello. Just wanted to reach out to any Oracle OSB expert out there in this community.

I've recently inherited the task of administering/managing OSB. The current version is and running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 as shown below:

Oracle Secure Backup Release
System      Linux  3.8.13-35.3.1.el7uek.x86_64 #2 SMP Wed Jun 25 15:27:43 PDT 2014 x86_64

In terms of enterprise backup software experiences; back in the days, I assessed, architected, and fully implemented Netbackup/Symantec 4.5 - 7.x.

I supported it for 10 years so was very familiar with data backup management.

However, I'm a bit on a learning curve with OSB in our environment right now as I wasn't the one who set it up originally.

One thing I wanted to know if it's possible is to set up email job status alerting with OSB. Wanted OSB to send status email per job scheduled/ran as scheduled.

This will give me a quick summary of what failed, what succeed, and which normally scheduled job(s) did not run.

I don't see that option anywhere via the BUI interface. Is this an available feature/option with this tool or am I out of luck on this one?

Or if there's another tool that could be used to interface with the OSB management to provide the same results, that would be good to know as well.

I hope someone in the community has heard or done this before and I greatly appreciate your response.

Thank you in advance.


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Added on Jun 25 2019