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Configuring Oracle Linux 7 Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Using OCI Utilities

Julie Wong-OracleOct 8 2018 — edited Oct 8 2018

Oracle Linux instances created using Oracle-Provided Images include a pre-installed set of utilities that is designed to facilitate configuration tasks for Oracle Linux 7 instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  These utilities consist of a set command line tools provided in the oci-utils RPM package that is pre-installed with the latest Oracle Linux 7 images provided under the ‘Oracle-Provided OS Image’ selection when creating an instance from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

The following OCI utilities are available in the oci-utils package:

  • oci-iscsi-config - Displays and attaches/detaches iSCSI devices on Oracle Linux instances.
  • oci-network-config - Displays instance VNICs, configures secondary VNICs, and auto-synchronizes VNIC IP configurations.
  • oci-network-inspector - Displays network information for an OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), compartment, or tenancy, including the security list, and IP addresses of VNICs and instances.
  • oci-metadata - Queries instance metadata such as the OCI region, availability domain, shape, state, OCID, compartment, and network.
  • oci-public-ip - Displays the public IP address of the instance.
  • ocid - This is the oci-utils service daemon.

You can check back with this document from time to time as we continue to add more OCI utilities to enhance your user experience with Oracle Linux instance deployments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

For more information on OCI utilities and how to use the scripts, visit the following links:



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Added on Oct 8 2018