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Conditional Formating colors not printed

722156Sep 11 2009 — edited Sep 11 2009
I have an OBIEE Report that has conditional formating to display results with background colors based on the values like if actuals is greater than goal then display the number in green and if below the goal then red etc. What I am seeing is that when I display the report (Table view) on dashboard on IE6 browser, it shows all the conditional formatting colors on the dashboard but when I do print preview, the colors are lost. When printed, it prints the report without the colors. I developed the reports in IE8 version and when I view and print from IE8 browser, it prints with colors. I feel it might be a bug or incompatibility with IE6 but am not sure about that. Is there any way to resolve this issue. This report will be viewed on IE6 browser and upgrading the company wide browser is not an option.
Environment - Oracle Business Intelligence, OS: Windows, Browser - Internet Explorer 6

Thanks in advance
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