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Compiling a batch of form modules

tine77Mar 22 2024

Forms, Windows 2019

I have form modules all in one folder. I want to compile all of them at once, running this command:

for /f "tokens=1delims=." %a in ('dir /b *.fmb') do (
frmcmp module=%a.%b userid=usr/pwd@db compile_all=yes batch=yes output_file=%a.fmx

The first annoying thing is that each execution of fmrcmp.exe pops up an empty GUI window which closes after compilation is finished, even though batch=yes is used.

The second thing is that this way, every time frmcmp.exe is invoked, a new database connection must be initialized which takes a second or few. It would be much nicer and faster if the compiler would except a list of modules to compile and reuse already opened connection. Is this somehow possible?

Thank you for your suggestions and thoughts.

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Added on Mar 22 2024