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Common user in Oracle 12c

User_N25PCNov 9 2017 — edited Nov 10 2017


I would like about the recommendation ( or maybe even rule ) that says that common user should not own any objects ( tables for example ).

My question is :

Can common user create objects inside the root container. ? ( is that not possible or not recommended )

The scenario would be something like this :

There are more PDBs, and there is a need for some extra data, something like summary for all PDBs, to be stored somewhere outside any particular PDB.

For that purpose, I would create a common user ( because that one has to have access to all PDBs ), which will then create some tables and put that data there. But, if that can not be the root container, then, looks like I have to create another PDB just for that purpose.

Or there is some better way for doing this ?


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Added on Nov 9 2017