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Commit across multiple workspaces

Marc OttoAug 12 2013


I have an adf 12c application, which I have splitted into several workspaces. The current structure of the application is based on the book

So currently i have workspaces for:

1. extenstion of the framework base classes

2. model (EO, VO...)

3. workspace for menu, topbar and main area.

4 several workspaces for different areas of the application

workspaces that is in the category 4. is places as a dynamic region on to the main area of workspace 3.

The question is how can I have commit and rollback buttons at the topbar which is located workspace 3. That allows for commit or rollback of changes in the workspaces at category 4.

I have tried simply drag and drop from the application module on to the topbar but nothing gets committed in the workspaces of the dynamic region.

I have also tried getting the BindingsContainer of the currently shown fragement in the dynamic region and then using the commit opreation that has been bound to that jsf fragment. Also without luck.

same story for the rollback operation.

If I place the commit and rollback on each fragement they work, but i really want the buttons to be at one single place in the topbar all the time.

I am using Jdev and the integrated weblogic.


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