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Comma on Endeca Record Filter URL Encode in Java use

User_SP5CQApr 27 2022

Hi Endeca Community,
I just want to ask how do you escape the "comma" on a record filter url query. I need to create the ENE URL Query by category of "Coffee, Tea & Espresso Makers".
these both works:
Nr=AND(Brand:Bunn,category:Coffee Urns \(Percolators\)) Nr=AND(Brand:Bunn,category:Coffee+Urns+%28Percolators%29)
But when there is a comma, endeca will not get a result.
Nr=AND(Brand:Bunn,category:Coffee\, Tea \(Espresso Makers\)) Nr=AND(Brand:Bunn,category:Coffee%2C+Tea+%28Espresso+Makers%29)
when it actually exists, why do I get no result after adding a comma?
I checked the endeca manual and it mentions that there are five reserved words ():,\ , I just need to prefix them with escape character (\) to use. In fact commas with \ do not work, but others work.

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Added on Apr 27 2022