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Combining two entities and their contents

Ross CurtisMar 27 2024 — edited Mar 27 2024

So currently I have one entity to be mapped out and one which is the persisted data mapped back in. Since OIA doesn't let the developer control inference and mapped back in on the same entity I cannot see a way around this setup.

However because the interview is submitted/ saved and reopened at separate stages by different users, I need to have a single point of reference for the entities so the data can be worked with and displayed without the ruleset requiring two sets of rules (based on whether the data will be out or in at a given stage).

I've tried numerous things so far to combine both into a separate entity (to be considered the single point of the truth), I can create instances based on two entities but cannot populate them using “for".

The latest thing I've tried is to create relationships from the incoming and outgoing and toggle for statements based on whether the entity is populated at that time (only one or the other will be in play)

Essentially all I need is to be able to pick up the contents of both incoming and outgoing entities and dump them into a third aggregated entity along with the fields so I can write a single ruleset, have the data referenced once on screen/ in PDF's etc.

Is there a way to do this within OIA?

This post has been answered by Richard Napier on Apr 5 2024
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Added on Mar 27 2024