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Coffee Demo & 3D Printing

Yolande Poirier-OracleApr 18 2016 — edited Jun 6 2016

Two innovative projects you will experience at Java Hub

Controlling a 3D Printer with Java and VRL-Studio

Java Rockstar Michael Hoffer created VRL-Studio, an innovative visual programming environment in Java that combines visual and text-based programming. Doing his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, Hoffer works at the Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing in Frankfurt. His research interests are in developing visual programming concepts in the field of modeling and simulation of highly complex physical processes including those modeled by medical scanning equipment.

VRL-Studio uses the Java Reflection API and Groovy to automatically generate interactive user interfaces, and has a powerful plug-in system that allows for easy integration of Java libraries, such as the 3-D modeling library JCSG. You can download it from

Experience 3D printing with Java at Java Hub in JavaOne Latin America.

Coffee Demo Cloud - Brewing Java with the Raspberry PI

Combine your love for coffee with programming!

If you're a coffee lover--or even if you aren’t— a scientific approach to brewing the perfect cup offers insight into what you can do with embedded Java.

How do you build embedded applications connected to appliances? When do you use asynchronous communication? 
Stephen Chin, lead Java community manager at Oracle, explains those challenges in his "
Brewing Java with the Raspberry Pi” article.
Using a coffee brewing application, Stephen shows how to use the Raspberry Pi to communicate with a USB scale and calculate the perfect amount of coffee to use for a given amount of water for the desired strength of a cup.

For this project he used:

- usb4java, a Java library for accessing USB devices

- JSR 80 (Java API)

- Java SE Embedded 8 that came pre-loaded on the Raspberry Pi

- Water heater, scale and the perfect recipe

Watch live demo and taste the coffee at the Java Hub during JavaOne Latin America 2016!
The World's First Cloud Texting Enabled Raspberry Pi Powered Espresso Machineraspiblog

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