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cluster.setPrimaryInstance() error

gwp4me2Feb 26 2020 — edited Feb 27 2020

I hope I haven't missed this answer already. I'm struggling in using these resources so I apologize up front.

We are just getting started with enterprise and innodb cluster. Our servers are RHEL 7.7, mysqlsh is 8.0.18 and mysql is 5.7.28 (our apps won't let us go to 8 yet)

I have 2 clusters set up and running finally and am now testing failover and recovery. That seems to be working other than I need to be able to reset the primary instance and am getting the following:

MySQL  qamysqlc1:3316 ssl  JS > cluster.setPrimaryInstance('me@qamysql:3306')

Cluster.setPrimaryInstance: Operation not supported on target server version: '5.7.28' (RuntimeError)

If this is really not supported on 5.7.28 how can I reset the primary? I've tried dropping each of the other members randomly and it never seems to elect 3306.

Thank You,


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Added on Feb 26 2020