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Close Dialog event

Brad ChrissFeb 16 2022

I have a page containing an IR, and LOV and a button. The IR has a column with a link to a dialog page to view individual record. The button opens a separate dialog. The page also has a DA that will refresh the report and LOV once a dialog closes.
Once I close the dialog (triggered from the column link) the IR and LOV will refresh. However, when I close a dialog (triggered from the button), the IR and LOV will not refresh.
The DA, I have the IR as a the triggering element. The true action has nothing for the affective element and runs a JS code apex.event.trigger(jQuery id, 'apexrefresh') for both the IR and LOV
Does the apexafterclosedialog event trigger after any dialog closes or just one dialog?
Would I need more than one DA to trigger the refresh?

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Added on Feb 16 2022