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Java HotSpot Virtual Machine


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client jvm.dll vs server jvm.dll

894590Jan 12 2013 — edited Jan 14 2013
I recently had to work on an legacy application which led me dig into jvm.dll things but could not find something concrete.
From my research, i know
client jvm.dll- comes with JRE, for lighter apps.
server jvm.dll-comes with JDk and more optimized implementation of jvm.

why jdk/jre for 64-bit doesnt contain client jvm.dll (only server.dll)??
jdk/jre for 32 bit contains client jvm.dll.

Our app (which is actually a windows service written by some unknown team) didnt run with server jvm.dll and after struggling a lot, we realized it requires client jvm.dll
which led us to download 32 bit jdk.

That app/wondows service was created using apache commons daemon on jdk 4.
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