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Clear the unknown dependencies list via the Support Tools

682551Aug 20 2012 — edited Aug 22 2012

It seems a number of requests to our content server have been manipulated to attempt SQL injection. One of our templates uses an <assetset:getmultiplevalues> tag and also a <searchstate> tag. It is within the getmultiplevalues tag that the error occurs. However, from what I understand, the <searchstate> tag creates an unknown dependency for the asset type being searched for.

When I log into the FatWire Support Tools, I can view the unknown dependencies for this asset type. Document_C is the asset type in question.

In this list I can clearly see each of the SQL injection attempts and there's quite a few. When we publish a Document_C asset, FatWire will re-generate each of these items. This causes lots of errors in the logs and we believe this could be related to another issue where content is not being displayed correctly via our Satellite server.

Does anyone know how to clear this list within FatWire, so we can start a fresh? I've checked our Apache logs and can see these requests do not occur anymore.

This post has been answered by Pgleghorn-Oracle on Aug 21 2012
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