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Classpath with Ant not working

tyelfordSep 6 2013 — edited Sep 12 2013


I am having an issue that I cannot seem to resolve with Ant deployments and my Classpath.

I have a module that is needed to run with Open Wonderland but for some reason when I run this particular module deployment it doesn't recognize part of the classpath

On my server I have a class called JadeRunner.class and it is included in my classpath.  I can verify but running the following code:


public class testClassPath{

     public static void main(String args[]){

          String classArg = args[0];


             Class testClass = Class.forName(classArg);

          }catch(ClassNotFoundException e){






I just enter the name of the class as an argument and if I get no errors that it can find the class.  This works if I enter it directly from the command line.  However with my ant deployment I get a ClassNotFoundException for this class.

I run my ant deployment as root but I use the -E switch so it picks up my environment variables.  The ant deployment finds all my other environment variables except this one.  I have some sample outputs:

$ java testClassPath org.jdesktop.wonderland.modules.mas.jade.weblib.JadeRunner  (this give no output, so it finds the class)

$ sudo -E java testClassPath org.jdesktop.wonderland.modules.mas.jade.weblib.JadeRunner  (again no output, so it finds the class)

$ sudo -E ant deploy

This gives ClassNotFoundException: org.jdesktop.wonderland.modules.mas.jade.weblib.JadeRunner

Does anyone have any insight to this?

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Added on Sep 6 2013