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Changing the starting page of enterprise manager (EM)?

Jesper!Sep 2 2019 — edited Sep 9 2019

Dear reader,

Everytime I log in to Oracle's Enterprise Manager (SOA 12c) to inspect the flow traces of my middleware projects I have to click through a couple of screens to get to my actual flow traces. You start in the home screen, from which I 95% of the time have to navigate through ../SOA/Soa-Infra/deployed_composites to get to where I'll do most of the monitoring. I know the cloud products have a setting which allows you to change the starting page after logging in, but I haven't managed to find it for non-"cloud control" enterprise manager.

I have bookmarked the Soa-Infra, which works fine, but I would like to know if EM has this feature, and if so, where to find it.



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Added on Sep 2 2019
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