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Change ReplyTo in WS-Addressing Header

799763Sep 23 2010 — edited Feb 26 2020

i have created an async webservice with JAX-WS and i want to consume this by using BPEL. All works fine with correlationSet. But in the SOAP-Header the ReplyTo-Address is wrong.

<addr:ReplyTo xmlns:addr="">

Now i want to change this address to my callback endpoint. I have tried the following thing:

<bpel:to variable="partnerReference"></bpel:to>
<bpel:from variable="partnerReference"></bpel:from>
<bpel:to partnerLink="SayHelloPL"></bpel:to>

But the header of the SOAP message looks like this:

<addr:To xmlns:addr="">http://localhost:9999/AppWS-Project1-webapp/SayHelloService</addr:To>
<addr:Action xmlns:addr=""></addr:Action>
<addr:ReplyTo xmlns:addr="">
<addr:MessageID xmlns:addr="">urn:uuid:90B0298DB6676D41EE1285233228820</addr:MessageID>

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

greets spaxx86
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