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Change BPM Human Task Title

lhymelNov 19 2014 — edited Feb 11 2015

Hi guys,

I am using Jdev integrated with a BPM project.  I have BPM Human Tasks that are mapped to ADF Taskflows.

I want to be able to change the task title after a user performs some action within the ADF taskflow.  I have been using the following code:

try {

     Task task = ADFWorklistBeanUtil.getWorkflowTask();              

     logMessage("Task title before set: " + task.getTitle());

     task.setTitle("Surface Water Application - " + appNum);

     logMessage("Task title after set: " + task.getTitle());

} catch (Exception e) {

     logMessage("Failed to set task title.");


The log files show that the title before and title after are both as expected, but the task title never gets updated in the user's task list.

I have also tried calling the update() operation binding and a commit binding I have on that data control, but neither update the task title.

Is there something I am missing?  Can this even be done?  Thanks for your help.

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