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Cerner Integration

arora aroraMar 25 2024 — edited Mar 25 2024

Hello, I have registered my app with

#applicationid: 6fa251cd-337f-45a7-ade5-95d691368f65 as provide facing app.

I am trying to test the Oauth flow on

And ISS link I am using is :

with that authorize link I am getting is :

and when I add my client id and scope on this gitlab repo, I am getting error that :
The supplied "client_id" value does not correspond to any registered applications on record.

So looks like this gitlab repo is to test the prod cerner oauth flow only.
1. Could you please check if my application is registered correctly in sandbox?

2. And ISS endpoint I am using is correct?

3. Is there any gitlab code to test sandbox Oauth flow?

Appreciate all your help!

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Added on Mar 25 2024