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Catalog Query hangs - control file sequential read

HupsiNov 10 2020

The following query does not end. In the view v$session_wait I found the 'control file sequential read' event.
This happens with Oracle 19 and a large number of tablespaces and datafiles (more than 4000). The same query with Oracle and this number of tablespaces works. And the same query with Oracle 19 immediatley after installation (< 10 tablespaces) also works.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

select distinct
, nvl(d.db_unique_name, 'UNKNOWN') as Database
, 0 as con_id
from v$datafile a
, v$tablespace b
, (select tablespace_name,status from dba_tablespaces) c
, v$database d
where a.ts# = b.ts#
and = c.tablespace_name
order by asc;

This post has been answered by user9540031 on Nov 12 2020
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Added on Nov 10 2020