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Cascading LOV's with Additional Outputs used in IG generate an ERROR

TomekMar 28 2022 — edited Mar 28 2022

Recently we upgraded from 21.1 to 21.2.5. During testing of the one of our more complex application we discovered the bug related to cascading LOVs returning Additional Outputs. I was able to recrate the exact same problem using Oracle Apex instance. I created an bug2125 application which demonstrates this behavior (no login required). This problem will prohibit us from continuing with the upgrade which in turn may have DB security implications.
I wonder if anyone came across the same issue and maybe come out with a work around. To summarize here:
a page contains the IG form/report
the IG uses multiple cascading LOV's, each LOV query references the prior values to narrow down the selection
The last cascading LOV returns "Additional Output" into another column of the IG
After completing the entries on the first row click "Add Row" to create new record
Than click back on the first row and the error happens - "ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item "xyz" in application "999"."
Yet another column uses JavaScript call using "dependsOn" syntax to calculate some values based on previous selections. Note: this step is not necessary to recreate an error but it makes an error more visible to the user as I demonstrate in my example at Oracle Apex instance.
I believe this is a bug which did not existed in 21.1. Does anyone have any solution? Is opening an SR the next necessary step?

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Added on Mar 28 2022