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Docupresentment Archive files

Dave SandersFeb 23 2024 — edited Feb 23 2024

We are currently running ODEE 12.6.4. We have an assembly line for drafters to create interactive letters using the WipEdit plugin.

We have alerting set up for when the server's disk starts to get full, and we are finding that there are 4 directories in \docupresentment\data\ that seem to be the culprit. In each directory there are thousands of .car, .bdf and other files. Some of them a re 3 years old.

Does anyone have insight into how these directories are used? Is it safe to delete the files in there? Assuming that they are used in IDS processing, are there configurations we can make to have those directories periodically cleaned out?

Thanks in advance,


This post has been answered by Dave Sanders on Mar 22 2024
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Added on Feb 23 2024