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Cannt display xmltype value via debug - "unable to evalute"

User_GI6ONAug 4 2022 — edited Aug 4 2022

Hi! Sorry, if my question doesnt convenient that category.
Have tried to display xmltype value via debug with use Quest Toad (and VSCode Oracle Explorer). Its JDWP debug. When starting debug, I can see usual variables, but except xmltype - for it the watchers display the same title - "unable to evalute". For example:

 xml_result xmltype := xmltype('<IDS>TAG</IDS>');

Sure, I can display XMLType value by use:

dbms_output.put_line( xml_result.getStringVal());

But it will prefer see that values at all watchers.
oracle 64-bit toad 16.0.90, VSCODE 1.69.2
I suppose, that oracle version too old, or something else.. Will be very appreciate for any advice!

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