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Cannot take ownership of Oracle VM Manager 3.4.3

User_MP53HJun 15 2018 — edited Mar 25 2019


I have Oracle VM 3.4.3 with OVM Manager which run on as OVM guest in the same OVM Server.

But I create the new OVM Manager which run on another server and want to take ownership instead of the old one.

The steps as I did;

- install OVM Manager on the new server (with option -uuid xxx)

- discover on new OVM Manager but cannot take ownership all infrastructure from the old manager

- I try to de-select option "take ownership" from old manager but it's not allow to do (error : cannot release repositories ownership, but when I release ownership in repositories, also cannot.)

The error : owned by another

The old OVM Manager is still exist.

Please advise how to fix this problem and move to new OVM Manager completely.

Thank you for your kindly help.

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Added on Jun 15 2018