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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)

Cannot reinstall XE 18c after doing an uninstall

RabbitWolfMar 29 2019 — edited Mar 29 2019


I successfully installed XE 18c on my Win Pro machine. After a few days, the OracleOraDB18Home1TNSListener service would start and immediately stop. I thought I would try uninstalling and reinstalling XE 18c. However, the even though the uninstall finished and I rebooted my system, the uninstall did not do its job. When I tried to run the installer, I get this stuck at this point:


Why does the installer think there is already an existing XE database? Pressing NEXT does nothing. What is the installer checking that makes it thinks there is an existing installation? How can I force the installer to do the installation?

This post has been answered by Norman Dunbar on Mar 29 2019
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Added on Mar 29 2019