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Cannot reduce node count in node pool (free tier)

user-5knt5Aug 18 2023 — edited Aug 18 2023

I'm running a OKE cluster with one node pool of 4 ampere a1 instances. I have a free tier account with the trial expired. All resources I use are free and daily cost shows zero $.

I have issues upgrading the kubernetes version of this node pool. In order to try to isolate the issue I tried to reduce the node count on the node pool. The error is:

LimitExceeded: The node limit for this node-pool has been exceeded.

Does a reduction in node count temporarily increase the node count? If so, is the only way forward to delete the node pool and re-create it? I'm trying to do the cluster k8s upgrade with zero downtime, mostly to learn.

/apanloco (display name doesn't update)

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Added on Aug 18 2023
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