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Cannot Deploy EM/CC Agent to Other Servers

Russ CannonDec 14 2023 — edited Dec 14 2023

I have installed EM/CC 13.5 on a Red Hat Linux 8 instance with Oracle Database 19c (19.21). The software works well enough on the database server where it was installed, but I am having difficulties with deploying the management agent to other database servers.

My issue is with the method that EM provides for deploying the agent to other servers. The software push requires a root credential, which I do not have on any of our servers. The SAs in our environment won't give that out. They say that if anything needs to be installed as root that the installer should be given to them and they will run it. But, there is no installer of the agent but a push by the EM/CC app.

I tried creating an agent gold image using the emctl CLI, but that failed with:

Error: The central agent [REDACTED] cannot be used for gold agent image creation.

I was stumped by this. Why would that not be allowed or possible? The central agent is the only one I have, and I don't understand why it cannot be used to generate a gold image.

But, questions:

  • How do I create a gold image from something other than the central agent?
  • Is a gold image an installer that the SAs could execute? If so, where is that documented? How is it run?
  • Why does it HAVE to require root access? Why can't it just be installed with the oracle user? Even if there are “root actions”, at least I could install it myself and then get the SAs to do the root stuffs.
  • Why isn't there just an agent installer downloadable from Oracle? Why the big mystery and complexity.


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Added on Dec 14 2023