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Cannot Create OHS Instance Using SSL

Ray KellySep 29 2023

Using HTTP Server

I configured SSL using JKS keystores (Custom Identity and Custom Trust).

I use 3rd party certs and trusts.

I am trying to create an ohs instance using wlst and ohs_createInstance, but I keep getting the following:
Failed to export the keystore ohs1_default in stripe OHS. Reason Could not form complete chain..

I created a wallet with everything in it. I validated the cert chain using utils.ValidateCertChain.

I am not sure where ohs_createInstance is looking. Maybe the wallet is in the wrong location?

It looks like the process creates the keystore and then attempts to export it. The documentation is very unclear.

It says to delete demo certs and create CSRs with the same alias (not sure why I would want to use a demo alias), but my certs, keys, and trusts are already created and stored in my wallet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Added on Sep 29 2023