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Cannot create a new MSAD directory in Shared Services...

866173Jun 2 2011 — edited Jun 6 2011
My Hyperion version is on windows 2003 server.

I;m trying to create an External Authentication provider using "Configure user directories".

I provide all the parameters as I have provided in the development machine in the same network.

However on Clicking Finish the Cursor appears to be doing something and then the screen just remains there. The record is not created for MSAD neither it gives any error.

Shared Services Security Log says error: "Error occured while loading the configuration file"
2011-06-02 15:09:49,728 ERROR [[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '3' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] com.hyperion.css.web.config.util.extauth.CSSProperties.getSecurityAgent(Unknown Source) -- Error occured while loading the configuration file

Any help appreciated.

I had this working on the same machine just last week.
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