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Cannot add instance via srvctl to cluster due to Server already part of server pool

aknollAug 25 2017 — edited Sep 13 2017

Oracle GI

Oracle RAC

RHEL 6.9

Database is Administrator Managed

I have gone through the steps to add a new node (second node) to my cluster configuration, via the scripts for both the Grid Infrastructure and the Oracle RAC software.  Everything completed successfully, and I manually added the undo tablespace, redo logs, thread, etc in the database for the newly intended instance.

I am receiving the following error when attempting to add the new instance through srvctl.  I cannot figure out how the new node was added to the server pool??  Is this new with in version

I would appreciate any information/advice how to be able to add my new instance to the cluster (preferably without having to start from scratch).

$ srvctl add instance -d MYDB -i MYDB1B -n devdbd02

PRCD-1051 : Failed to add instance to database MYDB

PRCS-1011 : Failed to modify server pool MYDB

PRCS-1014 : Server devdbd02 is already part of server pool MYDB



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