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Cancel dialogs breaks interactive report

PeetebaDec 1 2015 — edited Feb 9 2016

Hi all,

One of my customers pointed out to an annoying issue.

They are running APEX 5.0.1. The issue is tested with the sample database application but also occurs in other applications.

It only seems to happen with Internet Explorer 11. This is the main browser for all its end-users so it is quite painful.

I start from the interactive report on DEMO_CUSTOMERS. The "Create Customer" button opens a modal dialog with the form page.

When I cancel this dialog, I don't seem to be able to use the search bar of the interactive report anymore.

Reload the entire page or refresh the report resolves the issue. Therefore, the issue doesn't occur after updating a row.

Is someone else experiencing this issue?

Is this a bug in APEX or is IE11 doing something wrong here?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!



This post has been answered by John Snyders-Oracle on Jan 21 2016
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