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Can we _definitely_ get free updates for Oracle Linux 8 until 2029?

User_GCV2MDec 10 2020 — edited Dec 10 2020

Hi, I understand that hosts public repositories to allow end-user systems to download security updates and package RPM's for OL8 free of charge
Is Oracle committed to providing OL8 updates free of charge, right up until RHEL8's end date in 2029?
To save internet bandwidth when updating lots of servers, is it permitted to make a private repo mirror of parts of using WGET or RSYNC?
Is the uln-yum-mirror script supported on OL8 (as another way to make a private repo mirror)?
uln-yum-mirror requires an Oracle Linux Support subscription CSI. What support product level is needed? Also, is it required to purchase Oracle Linux Support subscriptions for all our OL systems - or just for the single OL system that runs uln-yum-mirror?
Many thanks for any insights.

This post has been answered by Avi Miller-Oracle on Dec 21 2020
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Added on Dec 10 2020