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Can we create new datasource connection in JCS-SX weblogic instance

Narendra ModupalliJan 16 2017 — edited Mar 13 2017

Hi Experts,

As far as I knew, when we get any JCS-SX instance then by default predefined weblogic and database will be associated with in the instance. I'm very much sure that we cannot create any custom schema inside of the pre-defined database in my JCS-SX. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

I have couple of questions for which I'm not able to find answers.

1. Is it possible for us to create new Datasource in JCS-SX weblogic instance? If its possible then please do share the reference on this.

2. For one of the requirement, we are planning to use PaaS DBCS (JCS) one. In this we can create our own custom schemas. Can I access this PaaS DBCS details in inside of my JCS-SX application?

(Eg - I'm planning to build one small ADF application which will access PaaS DBCS and when we deploy in JCS-SX, does it support to access the data. We cannot access the data untill if we don't create the datasource connection in inside my JCS-SX weblogic instance) Is it achievable?

3. What is max size that JCS-SX - predefined database? If possible please share the documentation link for the JCS-SX database compute shapes?

Any inputs on this are highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Narendra M.

This post has been answered by Jani Rautiainen-Oracle on Mar 9 2017
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Added on Jan 16 2017
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