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Can't upload exachk result to MOS

User51642 Yong HuangJan 30 2021 — edited Jan 30 2021

When uploading the zip file generated by exachk to your SR, you may get error:
An executable file was detected in your uploaded file <the zip file>. For security reasons, Oracle does not accept executable files. Therefore, file <the zip file> has been deleted from our systems. Please remove all executable files from your upload bundle and resubmit. You can find additional information on our Oracle's file management practices at
Split the file with split, e.g.
split -b 50000000 <the zip file>
and upload xaa and xab (and xac, etc., if there're more).
Tell Oracle Support to merge them after they receive the "partial" files: cat xaa xab <greater than symbol> <the original zip file name> (I can't type greater than symbol here for some reason so I said it here.)
Note: It's not possible to fool MOS by renaming the zip file to, say, something.pdf. Also, the first piece, xaa, will trigger this error on the webpage "We were unable to process your uploaded file or a portion of your file. The uploaded file, xaa, appears to be corrupted or in an unrecognized format. Although we have stored the file ... " Just ignore it. The analyst will get the file anyway.

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Added on Jan 30 2021
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