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Can't successfully get Apache2, Mysql adn PHP5 installed preoperly.

jerry.73.birkesNov 12 2014 — edited Nov 13 2014

Hello All,

For the past month I have been trying to get a webserver up and running on my Solaris 10 server. I want to use Joomla to design and impliment the webpage and I know I need Apache2, Mysql and php5. It seems as if it would be fairly simple ut for some reason I can get apache2 running and MySQL, however, when I try to finish it off with PHP5 I cant get it to work. I can install it successfully with a package install. when that didnt work I read to attempt compiling and installing from source. This fails during the compile. I have tried a few suggestion and procedures all of which have failed. Does anyone know of a work around or a good working procedure for successfully installing this software on a Solaris platform?? Thanks in advance.

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Added on Nov 12 2014
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